Career Changers

Is teaching for me?

Teaching isn’t for everyone but the following are reasons to train to teach:

  • It is a hard job, but one which brings rewards not to be found in the office
  • Having a passion for your subject and wanting to share this with young people
  • Many of our trainee teachers have already succeeded in one career and are ready for a new challenge. If you are an accountant, a lawyer, or something else altogether, or have given up a career to care for children, you may be ready to train to teach. 

Do you have what it takes to be a great teacher?

Great teachers:

  • believe that every child deserves a great education regardless of their background
  • want to change young people’s lives
  • spend time and energy teaching a subject that they love
  • inspire others to learn their subject.

Are you prepared?

If you like the thought of working with colleagues younger than you, and are prepared to take instruction from them. Above all, you need to be filled with excitement at the thought of starting all over again at something new at a time when less energetic people are winding down.

The transition from the office to the classroom is not going to be easy. You should be prepared to fail at first – to dust yourself down and keep trying until you work out how to do it. If you master the new skills, this may be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done.

We are here to help you…

It’s a big step. Contact us to help you decide teaching is right for you.

If you are considering taking this step, we can offer School Experience Taster Sessions to help you make up your mind (though these may not currently be available due to COVID-19 restrictions regarding visitors to schools). For more information visit here.

There are also generous tax-free bursaries and prestigious scholarships available to help you make the transition.

For inspiration, here are some examples of people who have already made the change.