New Graduates

For a new graduate…

Are you a new graduate, or soon to graduate, who would like to share your enthusiasm for Mathematics or Physics with younger generations? If so, teaching with the National Mathematics and Physics SCITT may be the career for you. Every day you will have the chance to inspire young people. You can use your skills to make sure every pupil receives a quality education and the opportunity to succeed. As a new graduate, you can play an important role in shaping children’s lives. 

Teaching is one of the few careers…

Where you can make a difference from day one of your training. The NMAP SCITT teacher training programme places you in the classroom where you can learn to teach and lead from the front. Unlike most graduate schemes, you have real responsibility and can make a difference from day one.

And the best bit…..

You may receive financial support while training. For details of eligibility check out our funding page.

Teaching offers excellent opportunities for career progression. The variety of opportunities available means you will always be learning as a teacher and gaining new professional skills. The transferable skills you will learn in the classroom will set you apart and launch your career. You will develop the talents to succeed in your career, and therefore realise many professional and personal ambitions.

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