The make-up of our NMAPS Full Time courses

A Unique Familiarisation Programme

NMAPS teacher training courses start with a 3-day summer residential for all trainees to attend. This gives you the chance to meet your peers and have an in-depth introduction to what the course entails.

Four days teaching…..

High Quality School Placements

NMAPS teacher training courses run across carefully selected schools in both the state and independent sector. Placement schools all have robust Mathematics and Physics departments so you can be sure you are in the best hands. The majority of your course will be in one main placement school with six weeks in a contrasting second school. A main advantage of NMAPS is that you will normally know your main placement school before accepting a place on UCAS.

A 3-day primary school placement will complement your understanding of a child’s school journey. Your experience will be further broadened through short placements at a Special School and a Pupil Referral Unit.

…..for every day of theory

One day per week will be spent in your Hub school or at a national training session, taught by experienced teachers. Our specialist programme allows you the opportunity to explore the pedagogy (the art) of teaching, tailored to your particular subject. The aim is to teach you strategies to make you more effective in the classroom.

14.5 days of subject knowledge and pedagogical study + 14.5 days of professional studies

of which

27 days are Hub school led training sessions  +  2 days are National Training days