“I graduated with a degree in civil engineering in 2009, and subsequently went onto work in offshore design and construction.  In this role I worked on projects across Scandinavia, the North Sea and as far as Houston, Texas.  After 6 years I needed a new challenge and moved into more ‘traditional’ civil engineering. I worked on some fascinating residential redevelopments, including several Grade II listed historic properties.

However, despite the breadth and depth of my career experiences, I still found myself looking for a more fulfilling and rewarding vocation.  I had often considered a career in teaching. Earlier this year, I finally decided to take the plunge into teacher training.  Physics was a natural fit for me – it was my favourite subject in school. Given my career background it and much of the curriculum I still felt comfortable with (although it turns out there is just as much I am having to learn again!).

I am only a few months into my training with the National Mathematics and Physics SCITT. So far I have enjoyed every minute of my training. My only regret is not making the decision to teach a few years earlier!”

Andrew – Physics Trainee

“Before my training I worked for two years in a Learning Support Department in a Secondary school. I gained some experience in teaching Mathematics to individuals, groups and small classes. Working there also developed my interest in how students learn and effective ways to teach. I have always loved Mathematics and with my teaching experience, I decided I wanted to do Mathematics teacher training.

Whilst I have an A at A Level Mathematics, my degree is in Music. To best prepare me for teaching I took some subject specific training in Mathematics in order to refine my subject knowledge further, which hugely built my confidence and set me up with resources, ideas and activities to use in the classroom. I also applied for and was awarded an IMA Scholarship.

I love the course so far and I have already learnt and grown loads. Being in a school and feeling a part of that school from day one has been invaluable. The way the course is structured has eased me into teaching gradually, enabling me to focus on building essential skills and reflecting on qualities that I know will make me an exceptional teacher.”

Joanna – Mathematics Trainee

“When I was deciding what to study at university in The Netherlands, my teachers recommended a Mathematics degree. I liked the idea of studying Mathematics and becoming a teacher, but I decided to study business instead as this seemed to offer a broader range of opportunities. In my degree I specialised in Finance and ended up working in several banks in London. But teaching Mathematics always stayed in the back of my mind, so in 2015 I started studying part-time for a BSc Mathematics degree with the Open University. I then quit my job two years ago to enable me to study full time and to volunteer in schools.

Spending time in schools helped me to clarify why I want to teach Mathematics at secondary school level. My first main reason is that it will allow me to make a real difference in the lives of pupils. As a teacher I believe I will have a unique opportunity, not just to develop pupils’ mathematical knowledge, but also to help to increase their confidence and desire to learn. The second main reason is that I just love Mathematics, both studying it and explaining it to others. I really enjoy the full range of Mathematics on display in a secondary school, from the basics in year 7 to Further Mathematics at A level.”

Geert – Mathematics Trainee